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Why Fragmentation is Important in Cave Mining This presentation will discuss the design criteria directly impacted by fragmentation in the cave mining setting. It will also highlight some of the current tools available for prediction and analysis of fragmentation, as well as the reliability and potential short comings of fragmentation prediction.


BLAST FRAGMENTATION OPTIMIZATION AT TARKWA GOLD MINE USING 6 SIGMA METHODOLOGIES Miss Alexandra Amiel ... allowed the mine to improve methods with regards to the control of blasted material. It ... monitoring the effects of such changes in blasting and mining parameters that affect fragmentation. 2. Tarkwa Gold Mine

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mining, such as loading, haulage and crushing process. Good blasting not only reduces cost of secondary blasting, but also fragmentation size is the main factor in the stability of

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Thermal Fragmentation Mining Method . INNOVATIVE MINING SOLUTIONS. The thermal fragmentation mining extraction method is ideal for mineralised structures with widths of 30 cm to 1 metre and is the perfect complement to any "room & pillar" conventional mining operations.

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Canada based junior gold miner Nippon Dragon Resources has developed a new, environmentally friendly mining method called thermal fragmentation, which uses heat to 'spall' high grade mineral veins. But whats the real potential of this technology, and the challenges to instigating change in an .

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Sep 19, 2018· The disadvantage inherent in this method is the high cost involved in full scale blasts in which blast design parameters are varied and the impact of changes in fragmentation, muck pile profile, and diggability are measured in terms of increased costs in all unit operations.

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Apr 27, 2015· "This agreement is the perfect example of how we intend to derive a constant flow of revenue for the Company while achieving global availability of our thermal fragmentation mining method.

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Modelling of primary fragmentation in block caving mines ... Underground mining methods extract large volumes of rock directly from the subsurface by undercutting ... Modelling of primary fragmentation in block caving mines using a finite-element based fracture mechanics approach ...

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Published: Wed, 20 Jun 2018 Block caving is a large-scale underground mining method applicable to the extraction of low-grade, massive ore bodies. With the amount of literature available on block caving this report identifies the need to provide a simple understanding of the process.

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mining operation. By optimising fragmentation, you can achieve significant improvements in waste productivity, mill throughput, lump fines and wall stability. This article will look at ... energy efficient method of fragmenting rock. The need for energy efficient processing is

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Submitted to Mining Technology Journal: Transactions of the Institutions of Mining and Metallurgy, Section A Accepted 12 Feb 2017. Application of laser scanning to measure fragmentation in ... A 2D image based method for fragmentation was trialled underground. Photos were

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It also employed the shrinkage method – drilling upwards through the rock – and compared the results, which showed that when extracting a 40m by 20m block of ore, thermal fragmentation removed 1,120t of rock, while the shrinkage method managed 4,032t.

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The Mining Engineering area or specialty is predominantly for mining engineers and it is directed toward the tradi­tional mining engineering fields. Graduate work is normally centered around subject areas such as mine planning and development, computer aided mine design, rock mechanics, operations research applied to the mineral industry ...

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This month's issue includes article on both fragmentation and comminution, and the relationship between the two is crucial in the industry due to downstream energy savings with better planned and managed blasting.

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Thermal fragmentation is a mining method that uses heat to 'spall' high-grade veins, greatly reducing the use of explosives. This method only extracts the mineralized ore with minimal dilution.

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The above described thermal fragmentation mining method can be adapted to either surface or underground mining. According to another aspect of the present invention, it has been found that smaller diameter pilot holes could be drilled in the vein while still using thermal fragmentation technique to subsequently enlarge the holes.

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Nippon Dragon Resources Inc. is without a doubt one of the most innovative junior mining companies operating today. The Company's patented "thermal fragmentation" process is ideal for high grade precious/base metal vein deposits.

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Each mining operation is different, each bench is different, and every day, the conditions in the mine are different. Getting the right sized rock, minimizing oversize …

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Developing Mining Methods for Asteroids • Types of mining • Mining method methods: selection – Classified by – Market (output) fragmentation energy controls storage • Demand rate • Self-supporting • Location • Artificially supported – Geologic (input) • Caving controls – Classified by access • …

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Apr 02, 2016· Rock fragmentation control in opencast blasting. ... Presently, seams R-V and R-VI are being extracted by opencast method of mining. The mine is producing about 4.5 Mt of coal and removal of overburden is about 12 Mm 3. ... T.N. HaganThe influence of controllable blast parameters on fragmentation and mining costs.

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Thermal Fragmentation, an exclusive and patented mining method developed by Donald Brisebois, Nippon's current President& CEO, is a mining method that uses heat to 'spall' high-grade veins ...

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Fragmentation measurement using image analysis provides a fast and inexpensive method for measuring particle size that is less disruptive to mining operations. However, 2D image based assessments have a number of limitations outlined in detail by Sanchidria et al. ( 2009 Sanchidria JA, Segarra P, Ouchterlony F, Lopez LM .

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methods: – Classified by fragmentation energy storage • Self-supporting • Artificially supported • Caving – Classified by access • Surface • Underground ... • Notional asteroid mining methods proposed in the literature can be abstracted into various categories

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Surface Mine Blasting Proceedings: Bureau of Mines Technology Transfer Seminar, Chicago, IL, April 15, 1987 ... Influence of Blast Delay Time on Rock Fragmentation: One-Tenth-Scale Tests, ... and recent developments in both methods

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By utilising the thermal fragmentation method in combination with conventional mining methods, the company aims to become a mid-tier gold producer. In addition, by providing service agreements, the company intends to generate additional revenue and accelerate the spread of this unique technology.

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the method was first applied in caveable deposits, due to its ad- vantages, block caving became interesting in hard rock mining. The method consists of rock fragmentation being induced through

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One of Rocmec Mining's thermal fragmentation units is to be deployed for test work at Goldcorp's Porcupine gold mine in Timmins, Ontario. Thermal fragmentation (IM September 2009, p24) will be ...

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underground mining method provided thatthe drawpoint sizeandhandling facilities are tailored tosuitthecavedmaterial andthatthe extraction horizon canbemaintained forthelife ... cavability,fragmentation,drawpatternsfor differenttypesofore,drawpointordrawzone spacing,layoutdesign,undercuttingsequence,,mdsupportdesign.